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marko i ana

Its such a hassle searching for good quality solar companies to get bids from.  Using Solar Planet saved us hours of time and the companies they matched us with were top notch!

Ken & Bree


Solar Planet offered help locating the most qualified installers in our area and ensured we knew the processes necessary to obtain financing and rebates!  Thanks so much!

Peter & Rose


Thanks SOLAR PLANET, for helping us find professional installation in our area.  

John & Brigite

How Our Process Works

We Advertise and Attract the Solar Customer for you:

Solar Planet is a ever expanding solar online resource and education website.  We are constantly improving our website with education resources and tools for users.  We also have 5 other solar energy based websites that also generate internet traffic.  Additionally, we advertise nationally since we represent companies from around the US; and therefore we can attract clients using advertising methods that wouldn't make sense for local companies to use (for example: national trade magazines).  Each month thousands of unique visitors come to our sites to help them find, understand, and seek qualified professions for their installation needs - both commercial and residential.  You also have the added benefit of being listed in our Solar Directory where users see your company name and this helps you build name recognition.

Once Qualified, we pass the Customer on to you:

We want the process of sending you leads to be as quick and seamless as possible.  We first pre-qualify the lead as quick as possible after they sign up (usually within 24 hours).  One of our friendly Solar Plant representatives will contact the customer to verify their information and confirm that they are a valid lead.  The information we collect on our leads includes their monthly electricity bill, their monthly gas bill, stage of project, roof size, interest level etc.  Once the lead is qualified, we will send the lead to an email address of your choice.


We are committed that each customer sent to you has been thoroughly pre screened.  If the lead meets your qualifications, the lead is passed on to your company with all of the leads information.  This saves you time, resources, and money.  This is a performance based lead generation service allowing your advertising dollar to work hard for you.

With all the above has to offer, your outcome will be an increase of qualified customers with endless opportunities to grow your business. We also have customizable options in which you can tell us how many leads per day, per week, or per month you would like to be sent.  This gives you the flexibility to customize your leads based on your company's needs.