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10 Solar Projects For Beginners

The most common reason homeowners don’t have solar power somewhere in their homes is the idea that solar panel systems are cost-prohibitive. The second most common reason is the fear that solar energy projects are overtly technical, complex and confusing. However, there are many different beginner solar energy projects you can complete in one weekend’s time.

Project #1: Solar Oven

Did you know you can build an outdoor solar cooker for $40? This fun family project is practical for barbecues, as well as camping trips.

Project #2: Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

Do you have an Altoids tin, small solar cell, electrical tape, velcro, plug-in charger, soldering iron, voltage meter and hack saw blade? Alright, MacGyver, you’re ready to build your own solar-powered cell phone charger!

Project #3: Solar Water Heater

Don’t you hate it when the hot water runs out? Keep your showers hot by building your own inexpensive solar water heater and save money on your home energy bills.

Project #4: Solar Pool Heater

How would you like to use your pool on that first hot day following a stretch of cooler weather? Solar covers have been around for decades, but they never seem to work fast enough. This DIY solar panel heater makes your pool a comfortable oasis.

Project #5: Solar Powered Radio

Do you have $5 and a love for music? Then a solar radio is the perfect weekend project for you. Simply hook up a small cell to a portable radio for the next trip to the beach.

Project #6: Solar Cell

Are you ready to build your own solar cell that can power just about anything? As you’ll note, most of these projects require a solar cell to start, so you may as well learn how to build one from scratch!

Project #7: Solar Powered Landscape Lighting

Did you know mason jars make great solar landscape lighting? Improve the curb appeal of your home by taking in power by day and illuminating by night.

Project #8: Solar Greenhouse

Is your thumb green? A greenhouse is a natural heat conductor, but you can make your gardening efforts self-sufficient by building a heat-collecting system in your greenhouse in this weekend solar storage project.

Project #9: Solar Powered Walkway

Do you love to be on the cutting edge of solar power? How cool would it be to have your pathway light up using glass blocks, sun jars and solar panels?

Project #10: Solar Powered Generator

Are you ready to take your solar tinkering to the next level? Building your own solar powered generator for under $300 can improve the efficiency of all your solar panels, minimize power loss, and even charge a few things.

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