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Welcome to Solar Planet's Learning Center.  Our mission is to educate our users about solar power systems and promote the adoption of solar energy. We also offer a free comprehensive guide to solar energy systems, Solar Energy Made Simple, just for signing up for our newsletter.  You can receive critical news, webinar notices, and information about ongoing events.


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Its such a hassle searching for good quality solar companies to get bids from.  Using Solar Planet saved us hours of time and the companies they matched us with were top notch!

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Solar Planet offered help locating the most qualified installers in our area and ensured we knew the processes necessary to obtain financing and rebates!  Thanks so much!

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Thanks SOLAR PLANET, for helping us find professional installation in our area.  

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Lies About Solar Power

There are many misconceptions regarding solar power. These misguided notions have been around since the technology first appeared. It’s time that you update your thinking and consider reducing your carbon footprint in a very real way. Don’t just think about it as a lofty goal for the far-off future. Consider how solar power can free you from the chains of the grid and make you feel good about yourself today.

Lie #1: My city is too cool, foggy or cloudy for solar power.

Reality: San Francisco is foggy and New York has brutal winters, but both locations have successful solar power installations. If you were to compare San Francisco’s solar power potential to nearby sunny Sacramento’s, you’d see that foggy San Francisco produces just 1% less electricity. In fact, Germany – which isn’t noted for being particularly sunny – leads the world in residential solar currently. Modern solar power cells magnify what little bit of brightness they receive to keep a steady stream of power coming, even on cloudy days. Your panels may only operate at 50 percent efficiency on days like this, but the point is: the system still works!

Lie #2: I should wait until solar power technology becomes more advanced.

Reality: Our solar power technology has remained relatively unchanged since the 60s. The only thing that does change is the amount of government incentives and the price of the components used to make solar panels. Over time, solar power has gotten cheaper, but now is a good time to invest, given the government programs available to residential homeowners.

Lie #3: Solar power will just be another hassle.

Reality: Some people worry that solar power will require all this maintenance or that it will damage their roofs. The only maintenance involved with solar panels is the suggestion that you hose them off once a year to keep them at maximum efficiency. Dirty panels can decrease efficiency by 5 percent over a panel’s lifetime. If a tree branch falls on your panel, you will need to remove it, but how often does that happen? Roofs that need to be repaired are typically not bothered by the solar panels in the least. In fact, your solar power panels won’t even be affixed directly to your roof, but rather, to a rail mount system. The mounts are then surrounded by metal flashing for extra stabilization.

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