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Welcome to Solar Planet's Learning Center.  Our mission is to educate our users about solar power systems and promote the adoption of solar energy. We also offer a free comprehensive guide to solar energy systems, Solar Energy Made Simple, just for signing up for our newsletter.  You can receive critical news, webinar notices, and information about ongoing events.


marko i ana

Its such a hassle searching for good quality solar companies to get bids from.  Using Solar Planet saved us hours of time and the companies they matched us with were top notch!

Ken & Bree


Solar Planet offered help locating the most qualified installers in our area and ensured we knew the processes necessary to obtain financing and rebates!  Thanks so much!

Peter & Rose


Thanks SOLAR PLANET, for helping us find professional installation in our area.  

John & Brigite

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Considering a PV System?


The reasons for buying a PV system are different for each person. Often concern for the environment is high on the list of reasons, and providing your own energy through a renewable source is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment by reducing air pollution and preserving fossil-fuel resources. A solar electric system adds value to your home and is a good way to improve your property while also producing clean, quiet energy that will last for many years. There is a sense of independence that many people seek which can be found in producing your own electricity. This reduces the amount of electricity that must be purchased from the utility and prevents you from being at the mercy of future price increases. Rather than buying energy you make it yourself! If you are building a home in an area that is out of reach of an established utility service, an off-grid system may be less expensive than having a utility line extended to your home making it a better choice practically, economically and environmentally. Solar energy is considered to be the energy choice for the future and, while technology will surely improve, it will not do so at such a rate that makes buying now unwise. What you are really doing is getting in on something beneficial now that other people may not understand the value of until later, meaning you start saving money today!

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