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Welcome to Solar Planet's Learning Center.  Our mission is to educate our users about solar power systems and promote the adoption of solar energy. We also offer a free comprehensive guide to solar energy systems, Solar Energy Made Simple, just for signing up for our newsletter.  You can receive critical news, webinar notices, and information about ongoing events.


marko i ana

Its such a hassle searching for good quality solar companies to get bids from.  Using Solar Planet saved us hours of time and the companies they matched us with were top notch!

Ken & Bree


Solar Planet offered help locating the most qualified installers in our area and ensured we knew the processes necessary to obtain financing and rebates!  Thanks so much!

Peter & Rose


Thanks SOLAR PLANET, for helping us find professional installation in our area.  

John & Brigite

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Is Solar a Good Choice for You?


Solar energy has many benefits and can be used by almost anyone.  Whether you choose a small system to cover only a fraction of your electricity needs or a large one which will meet almost all of your home’s energy requirements, you can contribute to a cleaner environment while reducing your electricity bills.  Of course there are many factors that will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for using solar power, including such things as the positioning of your home, how much yard space you have, whether there are unshaded areas of sufficient dimensions etc.

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